Solve one Hotel Staffing Challenge with Crew Accommodation Technology

Free yourself from traditional Airline HOTAC RFP's and Hotel Staffing Challenges. Created by hoteliers and airliners to get the best out of today's technology.

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Croowy is solving hotel staffing challenges

Free yourself from the burden of the traditional Airline HOTAC and Hotel Staffing Challenges.

Hotel Staffing Challenges and it’s struggle

Staffing challenges are an ongoing struggle in hospitality.
The hotel industry is already a low-margin business. The current traditional approaches leaves little room for improvement.

This is why we made Croowy’s cloud based system particularly user-friendly. It is intuitive to use, ensuring that your staff find it easy to navigate and perform their duties. It is created by hoteliers and airliners who understand how to get the best out of today’s technology

Work smart

In our world of remote work, there is no need to plug into a local network. Your staff can use Croowy anytime, anywhere. This benefits your team as well as your management. As Croowy is easy to use it will increase your staff satisfaction. They don’t need to waste time on morale-draining, repetitive tasks and long research. Hotel Sales can do what they need to do fast and focus on the rewarding parts of the job:

Providing an exeptional client experience and showcase your hotel directly to the customer.

Automations and digitalization reduces the strain on your staff while builing relationships. Don’t leave it to other companies to be in charge of your partnerships.

How it works

As a manager, you can pull up Airline market and RFP data on their mobile on the way to a meeting or in a site inspection.

The big advantage, you won’t need to invest much time in teaching your staff a new system. The design is thought through. You’re are likely to find guidelines and eLearning materials for you need. We keep updating our series of comprehensive online video tutorials.

Think ahead

Hotels and Airlines can only be sustainable if ecology, social relations and business have the same importance. With that in mind Croowly linked them to each another.

By the way, cloud solutions fall under Operating Expenses (OPEX) and usually require less approval from hotel owners.

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