Airline RFP ‘s are big, overwhelming and complicated

Hotel Sales & Airline buyer leaders must accept change and plan for a very different buying and selling landscape when it comes to Airline RFP 's

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Airline RFP Technology

Are Salespeople required to draw up a catalogue of questions in an Airline RFP? Is a Salesperson needed to ensure accuracy?

This requires:

No creativity, no personality and no empathy.

Facing staff shortage yet higher demands, we are in need of software driven solutions.

The automation of manual processes is an opportunity. It is a watershed moment. Hotel Sales & buyer leaders must accept change and plan for a very different buying and selling landscape. Millennials make up 50% of the work force and are in positions of power. On the selling side and on the buying side.

It is more and more important to have access to information, knowledge, customers and suppliers

 I am enthusiastic about technology if it enables us to spend more time being human.

That is what hospitality is about. For me digitalization doesn’t stop direct relationships. It enables hoteliers to do what they are best at.

Currently the industry still relies on own resources. We are only scratching the surface of what is possible. There’s a huge opportunity to get this right.

Airline RFP’S

Technology is playing a big role on Airline and Hotel side when issuing RFPs and responding to them, however current technologies shift frustrations and ad more obstacles to the Airline RFP process.

It can be easy

Croowy enhances efficiency and reduces costs of manual RFP processes. Create and manage compliant RFP’s which are accessible at any point in the RFP process for audits. Turn your manual work tasks into simpler, digital ones. Save time, end hassles and speed processes.

With Croowy you streamline the process from start to finish in one platform. We work hand in hand with customers on their requirements.   Collect, analyze and present RFP pricing information from Hotels to your stakeholders. Choose the format you need and see a straightforward comparison. 

Digital transformation may seem like a big, overwhelming and complicated undertaking. We see it as a series of more targeted, smart and practical improvements. Get the smaller yet time-consuming things done in less time with fewer steps. Focus on your Hotel relationships. Only then will the benefits of digital transformation begin to add up.

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