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Source crew rooms with maximum efficiency and reduce costs of your RFP process. Get access to instant crew rate indications from your partners. Cut the middleman and commission inflated rates. Tap into up-to-date hotel information and crew inventory. Discover the right crew room at the right price.

Say goodbye to manual systems, research and contracting failure.

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Easy & fast market overview

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Croowy RFP Tool

New ways of working – developed for you

Enhance your efficiency and reduce costs of manual RFP processes. You manage a list of short listed hotels matching your requirements. Create and manage compliant RFP’s, accessible at any point for your audits.

Keep full control over rates, terms and policies.

Your crew hotel match

Enjoy an easy overview of your destinations. You see all available hotels and information about them pre-loaded.

Croowy partner hotels have honest interest in your airline crew business. They understand your particularities and will respond to RFP requests promptly.

Croowy Hotel Profile

Your pre-selection

Our partner hotels provide indicative rate ranges for your crew sizes. Because one size does not fit all.

You are free to engage for actual quotes to keep full control over rates, terms and policies. Croowy is here to support your pre-work and RFP negotiation. Direct buying means increasing margins for hotels and airlines alike. More value to you, less to intermediaries. Get crew rooms at the right price.

Prize ranges for different crew sizes

It is not black and white! Whether smaller or bigger, independent or chain hotel. Crew rates are subject to the individual hotels´ business mix and market conditions. Our partner hotels provide indicative price ranges for the different crew sizes. As a single stop solution, you can view crew transportation cost estimates as well. We only work with partners that match airline-specific requirements. Rates are only quoted for crews that the hotel is actually able to accommodate.

Market data

To give you a better understanding of the market dynamics, additional data is provided.

See who else is coming into the market of interest with the volume required. How competitive is the market?

See the development of room rates over the past years. Judge how competitive your offers are!

See the overall choice in your market of interest. Look up segments, new openings and re-brandings.

Top Airlines into the market
“Croowy standardizes the complex HOTAC contracting. It saves Airlines costs through time, resources and direct rates”
Paul Donachy
Co-Founder at VYouPoint Aero Airline

Subject matter expert with over 40 years experience in aviation. ​
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Training and Resources for Airlines

Complex things simply explained

We know that the airline business is complex and that not everyone working with you has had much experience with that market segment. Contacts are changing, unfortunately information gets lost. We provide various types of airline training for the hotels, ranging from small bite size training sessions available on demand to check lists and excel templates and inhouse training sessions. You can be assured that our partner hotels are really interested in crew business and understand the particularities of this segment.

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