Why not eliminating the guesswork and forecast Airlines with great confidence for your hotel

A forecast for Hotelsis an effective strategy to set your prices based on what you analyse the airline demand into your city will be.

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Forecast airlines with great confidence

Forecasting is an effective strategy to set your prices based on what you analyse the airline demand into your city will be.

Here are 5 Tipps on forecasting Airline Business:

  • Analyse all airlines flying into your destination.
  • Identify the crew potential for your market and your share.
  • Make a Displacement Analysis.
  • Decide which airline crew size is the perfect fit for your hotel.
  • Be in charge and be proactive!

Think of the following: 

  • Are you looking for a small, scheduled cargo crew?
  • Does your business mix allow to accommodate large crews?
  • Are the individual flight crews overlapping?
  • Did you consider late check out/ early check in? 

Check what occupancy is displaced by crew accommodation. If you have your Free Profile up to date with Croowy, you can always change the indication of the room rate range.

Forecast the number of rooms you can yield on in the future and optimize your revenue stream.  Most importantly, you are always visible to the airline with your rate indication. Feel free to share your full profile and questionaire. Don’t wait for an expensive broker to make this step for you.

Aircrew business supports long-term, forecasted base business. It assures cash flow and allows hotels to better yield on remaining inventory.

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With Aircrew business in house, the hotel attracts other airline related business,. Think of corporate, distressed passengers, training, group business, leisure, and meeting & events business

Aircrew business can result in extra incremental revenue through onside F&B outlets. The majority of crew use their F&B allowance in the hotel where they receive benefits. This provides another revenue stream for hotels on Airline business.

Croowy helps you to get directly in touch with the airline. We work for you with crew schedulers, taking into consideration crew size requirements and mandatory rest times.


Our airline customers research already today their hotels via OTA’s. For today’s airline buyers, a link to an online resource is perfectly adequate and Croowy will provide just that. Help the client to be successfull by updating your profile and do your homework by forcasting your need.

The airline buyer will need to rally their own buying committee and orchestrate larger conversations to make big purchases.

The time consuming part minimizes with Croowy sourcing, RFP offers and your knowledge of the airline and market.

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