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Croowy Airline Crew Demand Table for Hotels

Airline schedule insights

Have an overview of all airlines flying into your destination.

Forecast, be proactive and optimize your revenue stream!

Analyse the airline demand into your market, including Cargo crews, long & short layovers. Review crew patterns, arrival and departure times and days.

No matter if you work in a buyer’s or seller’s market, airline crews will have to stay somewhere.

A direct contact will improve your customer relationship.

Showcase your hotels

Work Smart! Your hotel profile is already visible to the airline. You can check out your profile here!

It is time to showcase your crew suitability and preferred airline fit.

You will love to see all standard Airline RFP questions in one place. The magic, you only upload them ONCE. Airlines can view and filter according to their need. Say Goodbye to long wired questions and various spreadsheets.

Underline which airline business that suits you best.

Upselling & Cross Selling made easy. Generate more revenue, add services or entertainment options. During layovers, company meetings, corporate or personal travel. With a direct relationship, the possibilities are endless.

Croowy Hotel Profile
Croowy bundled market information

Market information bundled

Be mindful of the supply and demand in your local market. To support your business case, we are providing extra market information. You will know the total airline volume to analyse your market share.

See the top airlines bringing the biggest volume and the origins. This supports your sales and marketing efforts towards a specific country.

Different crew sizes, different rates


Rate indications provide airlines with ideas which hotels match their requirements best. Boost occupancy and increase profit. Have a range of rooms at different prices so you can target different airline segments. Don’t lose time working on RFPs which don’t fit your mix.

On request, our partners will provide a transfer price.

Croowy Airline Crew Prices
Croowy hotel rfp view

Airline Crew RFPs

In addition to highlighting your profile to Airlines with crew demand for your location, we are also offering a fully-fledged RFP tool. 

The Croowy RFP tool allows airlines to issue Requests for Proposals and Hotels to respond within minutes instead of days.


Airline business is complex and hotel resources are valuable.

We ensure partners meet well-trained, experienced employees. Very few have experience with this market segment. Let us help you!

Choose various types of training. Small, bite sized training sessions, check lists and templates for in-house training.

Learn to understand the step stones of an airline tender and prepare your entire hotel team for an airline site inspection or arriving crew.

Understand your customer. Define the journey. Make informed decisions.

Leonie Godard, CEO Croowy
“Croowy shows us completely new business opportunities for our hotel.”
Sanjeet Sadana
General Manager, Versante Hotel
Sanjeet Sadana, Croowy Hotel Testimonial

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