Why Airline Crews need understanding and support at your Hotel

The special demands of flight attendants' lives makes recovery more difficult and Hotels can help.

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Croowy Airline Crew Rest

The well being of flight crews at Hotels

Hotels play a crucial role on the well being. Most 9-to-5 jobs do not need their own treatment plan. However, the special demands of flight attendants’ lives might make recovery more difficult: they are at greater risk of occupational injuries, such as back issues, stress, and shift work disorder, which can cause severe sleepiness or loss of consciousness for seconds at a time.

“The high-flying lifestyle may come with a side of awful lows, such as poor mental health, poor sleep, and drug addiction issues.”

On anonymous job review sites, cabin crew members reveal working alongside “amazing people” and making the most of an “amazing opportunity” to travel the world. As appealing as it may seem, studies and first-hand stories from flight attendants indicate some severe drawbacks to this job. Moreover, due to airline restrictions, even flight attendants rarely get to stay at the sophisticated, 5-star hotels. And it will definitely dampen their spirits. Some other major drawbacks include:

  • Loneliness and sadness

People who know how they feel can give them the space and empathy they need.

What much of the public observes in the crew lifestyle is imaginative individuals constantly surrounded by others either in airports or planes. What they don’t realize is that being surrounded by people all day makes them crave for a time when no one is bothering them. However, they often get into their hotel rooms and enjoy the quiet and space for a couple of hours. What they want is to be with someone they know and enjoy their company, but such people are most likely in another time zone.

Hotel staff can fulfil this part as hospitality is a people business. But they can only do so if they are informed. This is why Croowy is training and teaching hotel employees.

  • Health issues

Finding the appropriate hotel options that can provide healthy food options, focus on fitness (yoga offer, jogging trail, wellness sessions) very quiet rooms & good sleep environment is indeed the solution.

Jet lag, radiation exposure, repetitive motion injuries, poor diet and digestive problems — are health concerns that the crew always worry about. Elements of their work environment and schedule that reduce “hypermobility” stress are a drag on productivity. This conflict is a natural part of the job, but these things, which are really just the “human element,” need attention and could be improved in the airline world through the right choice of hotels.

  • Powering through crazy hours

Rest time for crew members is a legal entitlement, but waiting for a hotel room diminishes that time.

People often believe that their job is glamorous and that it is always a vacation, but the worst part of this job has to be the long hours and sometimes very early show times without even taking rest. It does require some explanation to the hotel teams why the check in in the adequate rooms and on time such an important part of the airlines operations. After all, we all need the crew being fully attentive during their flight.

  • The challenge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

The most difficult aspect of this work is trying to keep healthy. Generally, a flight attendant almost ends up losing all sense of balance and routine. At least, a junior flight attendant. Their sleep pattern is all over the place. Diet is hotel and airport food. And exercise is possible, but it can be hard if you don’t get enough sleep and eat well. That’s is why Croowy aims to standardize the processes and facilities in hotels so the crew can maintain a routine where possible.

  • The Radiation Exposure

Radiation from flying is a major concern for both flight attendants and pilots. They are at high risk of developing skin cancer.

When asked this question to a flight attendant, she said,

I hope to not fly as much when I get older to minimize the chances of radiation exposure.”

Can hotels help to provide medical centres close by to have the bi-annual or even more check ups to have one less To Do on the list when being home with loved ones? Provide High protection sunscreen if forgotten?

Flight attendants have an important role in managing in-flight operations. So, considering the hardship of their job, how can we improve a flight attendant’s life in hotels? And what would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments or join our Croowy trainings

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