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Croowy Solutions for Hotels

Direct partnerships with airlines

Croowy Solution for Airlines

Direct partnerships with hotels

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Johanna Lamke - Croowy Testimonial
"Croowy is supporting our vision to combine hospitality with high standards and digital technology while optimizing processes and saving costs&resources. Crew accommodation is an important business segment for Deutsche Hospitality and we always work with our partner on a very professional and honest way. For us the next logical step is to partner up with Croowy to provide utmost customer service and enhance our direct partnerships."
Johanna Lamke
Vice President Sales – Deutsche Hospitality

Contracting directly allows cost savings by removing intermediaries’ commissions. Communicate trustfully throughout the whole customer journey. We love to support you to get the right information to incorporate your airline and hotel strategy.

Hotels get an overview of all airlines flying into a destination. Full crew pattern, arrival and departure times and days. Visibility of the crew potential for a market.

Potential airline hotels are listed. Enhanced hotel profiles showcase their airline crew features for the ideal airline match. No time consuming research, no completion of long excel sheets and no e-mail overload.

Efficiency! Rate indications provide airlines with ideas which hotels match their requirements. Hotels can provide an indicative rate range for the different crew types. On request, indicative transfer pricing can be included.

Airline business is complex. Hotel resources are valuable. We ensure partners meet well-trained, experienced employees. Very few have experience with this market segment. Let us help you! You can choose various types of trainings. Small bite size training sessions, check lists and templates for inhouse training.

Croowy is built with state of the art technology and powered by the largest Cloud providers. Your data is always encrypted at rest and in transit. We have a layered Security approach which goes far beyond just encryption.

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Croowy Testimonial Ulrich Kastner
“Croowy supports strong customer relationships and offers easy technology.”
Ullrich Kastner
General Manager & Executive VP Adtech
myhotelshop (A RateGain Company)

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Leave the middlemen, commission and hassle behind. Contract crew accommodation directly.

Croowy eliminates third parties, improves hotels’ profit margins and reduces ground costs.

No need to sign side agreements. No need for expensive technology intergrations. Select a smooth process, fair rates and good partnerships.

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